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Luxury jewelry – Art – Gaia Petrizzi

The jewel is strongly characterized by values ​​such as the materials of which it is composed. The entry of new figures from the fashion and design world has created a creative impulse that finds expression through original jewelry that unhinge the classical canons of the goldsmith tradition and luxury jewelry. A passion alive and pulsating for art creations and design is reflected in the creations made by the Atelier-Tupi Tupi, or in luxury jewelry that the Italian artist Gaia Petrizzi serves as works of wearable art.

Presentimenti - Collana - Gioielli fatti a mano Made in Italy - Necklace - Handmade jewelry

Jewels of representative and very original luxury, eager to tell stories of a forgotten past, given a new life and new light. Jewels with intriguing atmospheres in which the charm of the alternates to traditional lines. fascinating accessories, often real works of art, jewelry created by Gaia Petrizzi are luxury accessories, high fashion creations where you can find charm, elegance and seduction. Created with pure passion, reserved for those located in the preciousness, in the surreal atmospheres and charm of the past, synonymous with elegance and style, the Tupi-Tupi jewelry can engage and convey strong feelings.
A luxury jewel able to express character and personality of the wearer or to underline identity and values, cultures, traditions, strengthening ties transmitted in time to future generations.
Over the years, the luxury jewelry have continuously expressed a fusion between stories and customs of the peoples
in any place of the world, becoming the meaning, in the representativeness but especially in what today we perceive as real value.

Inside Frida - Collana - Gioielli made in Italy - Handmade jewelry - Necklace                                 Gioielli donna - orecchini - pezzi unici - woman jewelry - earrings - unique pieces

Wearing a luxury jewel, be it a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, can have different meanings.
The handmade jewelry, luxury or poor art, they are works of art from the intrinsic quality, which vibrate in the nuances of the past become far away in the drawers of memory or forgotten traditions, but able to express loyalty, love and seduction.
Wearing a jewel created by Gaia Petrizzi means wearing a piece of history, representative and at the same time contemporary. The rarity of the items and care in research conducted in a number of European antiques markets give these jewels prestigious luxury and mysterious charm. Gaia Petrizzi is a new dimension on the international scene with handmade jewelry unique pieces, pure expression of luxury made in Italy. Tra the various elements that make up the jewelry made from the iconic Italian artist remember the ancient and wonderful silver elements, better defined as ex Voto, corals and trimmings antique and vintage in gold and silver thread, and twins 20s and vintage brooches, all revisited by whimsical artist, able to do really special creations, worthy balance between art, design, fashion, luxury and jewelry.

Tecla - Collana fatta a mano - Gioielli di lusso made in Italy - Handmade necklace - Made in Italy - Luxury jewels                                      Corpus domini - Collana fatta a mano - Gioielli di lusso Made in Italy - Luxury jewels - Handmade necklace

Wear accessories indicates various collective behavior with changing criteria. The use of jewelry is often related to the way of dressing. Fashion comes in part from the need related to the need to cover themselves with fabrics, leathers or processed materials to be worn as jewelry, who took precise social functions, able to distinguish the various social classes, priestly duties and even administrative ones and military. Today, as before, the jewels are admired accessories and backgrounds. The creations by the Atelier Tupi-Tupi are handmade and unique pieces. The mystery and spirituality of the past are reflected in these creations, striking and fascinating works, a collection steeped in elegance, style and character. The jewelry made by Gaia Petrizzi, synonymous with luxury made in Italy, receiving numerous publications on major magazine, including Vogue, Glamour and the biannual London Liike Magazine (which dedicates the first 21 pages to the Tupi-Tupi, the Editorial: Devotion) , and the numerous blog.

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