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Made in Italy


Imagine an old house in the countryside, surrounded by nature, where time passes slowly and the inhabitants all know each other.

A place away from the chaotic city, where you want to and pleasure to go riding, go shopping from the old lady with bulging wheelbarrow of zucchini flowers and vegetables of all kinds. A zero kilometer.

A place where the winters are scanned from the chimneys of bright stone fireplaces, and where in the summer there is regenerated with the freshness that gives the mountain on whose slopes the village is placed.

And ‘here that the source of Lucan artist Gaia Petrizzi, realizes real jewels of art.

Tupi-Tupi at work

After a decade of experience in Atelier Versace, Gaia decided to become independent. The result is a trademark intended to impress, Tupi-Tupi.
The artist, designer, sculptor, already fond of antiques, antique dolls, vintage items, frequents the markets, manages to bring together all his passions. The result is a product made in Italy, craftsmanship, where the past comes back with new strength and meaning.


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