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Unconventional jewels

Jewels unconventional and unorthodox. Peculiarities of the atelier Tupi-Tupi.

The artist Gaia Petrizzi we propose a new dip into the surreal, creating a unique handicraft item of its kind.

Jewelry, art, culture and design are placed in his visionary creations.

The nature of this work appears to be primordial inspiration, with its warm colors, bright, and it is made by the protagonist.  WithUccell di bosco, new born in Tupi-Tupi, art and ancient merge, creating a sophisticated gem, but at the same time offers many possibilities to the wearer.

A made in Italy for those who really want to dare.

A wonderful creation, which is suitable for every occasion, an aperitif or an evening gala. A luxury item which, undoubtedly, will capture the spotlight.

Lightness and versatility adjectives that characterize this jewel of art that recalls the vibrant breath of pristine forests.

 Uccel di bosco necklace

Uccell di bosco – Necklace Made in Italy

Necklace with tassel cotton vintage, enamel decorated metal bird,

decorative elements in wrought metal, enamelled twin vintage.

New collection Atelier Tupi-Tupi, art jewels – Italy

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